2020 Pixel 4a Launch

The launch of the new Pixel 4a is less than a few months away (May 2020) and considering the success of previous models it is no surprise this has become a highly anticipated smartphone for many of us. Since a lot of the details have now been confirmed we wanted to share everything we know so far.

The launch of the 4a comes exactly a year after the 3a which was a lunched May 2019, and whilst the timeline of the launch fits the expected pattern it is hard to predict whether or not pricing will follow in the same way. The 3a launched at £399 whilst the 3a XL was priced at £469 which were around half as much as the original Pixel 3 (£749). If we can expect the 4a to be similarly priced in comparison to the Pixel 4 we’re looking at a phone around £300 but that seems way to low. If we had to guess, we’d be pricing it between £400 – £500.

The Pixel 4a is expected to be equipped with a lower quality camera than the Pixel 4 due to the fact that this will be an easy way for the developers to keep costs lower – which is expected from the ‘a’ models that come out following high-end Pixel phones. We are expecting a single rear-facing camera even though the Pixel 4 was the first Pixel phone to feature more than one rear camera.  However, having said all that the camera is still expected to rival is competition – largely because Google makes its camera’s impressive in the processing specs in comparison to the actual hardware. The camera is expected to have a 12.2-megapixel sensor, and LED flash and AI skills such as Night Sight (a feature previously seen in the Pixel 4).

Without getting to technical let’s get into the specs and features

The big question surrounding the processor is whether Pixel 4a will include 5G compatibility, no 5G compatibility or if we will see two models (one with and one without 5G). If 5G is included it is likely that the processing system will be Snapdragon 765 whereas without we are looking at the Snapdragon 730.

It has been reported that the Pixel 4a will be equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a punch-hole selfie camera in the top right-hand side of the screen. But despite this front camera, the Pixel 4’s headline features won’t be included. These include the Face Unlock and Project Soli.

There will be three colours of this model rumoured to be black with a lime button, white with an orange button as well as teal with a hot pink button. But we have not yet seen pictures of these colours so are sceptical if these colour schemes are correct.

The display of the screen will, for many people, be the deciding factor of whether or not to purchase this smartphone. The phone will feature a 5.81-inch display and most likely an OLED screen. No rumours have been spread about the resolution of the screen, but it is expected to be 1080p.

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