About Bossu

We Saw Where Phones Were Heading So We Got There First.

Your phone is your constant companion, your vital connection to friends, loved ones, work colleagues, practically everything in the world. It’s an extension of you. So naturally you want your phone case to reflect your personality. To be supremely stylish and totally unique.

Understanding this desire, we createdBOSSU.

We anticipated that people wouldn’t be satisfied with just any phone case for very long. Like watches and other prime accessories, we believed phone cases should be in the same category as fine luxury brands.

This was clearly the future of smartphones. And we resolved to help lead the way.

We are Specialists in Luxury Phone Case Products & Phone Case Personalisation

A UK-registered company, BOSSU (BOSSÜ Limited) seeks to enhance the look and feel of premium smartphones by designing cases that integrate seamlessly with the phone itself, whilst adding unique style and flair.

Our product ranges includes a stylish selection of designer phone cases for Apple, Samsung and Huawei Smartphones, along with highly effective screen protectors for these leading brands.

Our Phone Case Customisation Service Will Set You Apart

We offer a bespoke phone case personalisation service that will make your phone yours and yours alone.

Our design ethic is clearly evident in the BOSSU Phone Cases we have created, and we are committed to providing a range of options to suit every individual.

If you prefer the natural beauty of organic cases, our Natural Collection should be your number #1 choice. When strength, style and durability are the key features look for in a phone case, you will find it in our new Natural Armour Collection.

Whether for yourself, friends or family, our personalised phone cases make the perfect gift.

Our Phone Case Engraving Service Adds The Final Touch This is the service that sets BOSSU apart. We are the only company to offer engraving as part of completephone case customisation service. It embodies our passion for total perfection. And it will put your phone case in a class of its own.

Tough Beauty Great looks aren’t enough. That’s why every phone case we produce features a robust, shatterproof body. Many models are reinforced with shockproof foam too, with the exception of our Bamboo Cases, which have a natural strength that eliminates the need for foam. Our phone cases are available with advanced anti-scratch screen protectors to protect your phone against accidental damage. Equipped with anti-fingerprint technology, these innovative screen protectors shield without impeding your phone experience. They are the smart investment for smartphone users. The bottom Line: BOSSU makes tough, functional phone cases that look as good as they perform.

We invite your enquiry.

We love the opportunity to help people design a phone case that they can feel is truly their own and no one else’s. Please take a moment to browse through our site and imagine how your phone could undergo a metamorphosis of its own!

To learn more, just email us at hello@bossustore.com or support@bossustore.com for business enquiry.

We hope to serve you soon!