How to use your travel pictures 2019

With a smart phone in our hand the vast majority of us are constantly taking images of the world that surrounds us. Travelling has never been so accessible and smart phone technology is at the peak of its game. Smart phone cameras are competing with the more traditional forms of imagery such as the DSLR and compact cameras. The images you take in Bali, Dublin or Peru are high quality images that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

The best place to store your travel photos is to a cloud storage service or external disks (or two) to make sure your travel pictures are safely and securely stored forever. Leaving your photos sitting in the cloud hidden away is such a shame and we believe there are fantastic ways to showcase your creations.

Create a custom phone case

Creating a custom phone case to preserve your travel memories couldn’t be simpler with BOSSU. Our luxury personalisation design studio is the perfect tool to aid you in creating the phone case you always dreamed of. Click here for a step-by-step guide to creating your perfect luxury phone case.

BOSSU luxury custom phone cases are designed so that you can customise your phone case to keep your best memories close by at all times. You can add text, dates and images to your case to encapsulate that special time. For example you can add a travel quote, a date correlating to your trip or a special image to remind you of your adventure. The possibilities are endless and within minutes you will have your luxury phone case created and ready to go.

Sell your travel images

you probably have hundreds if not thousands of images from your UK holidays and adventures abroad stored on your smart phone. These gorgeous images are often desired by brands who would like to purchase them. You can now download apps such as Foap, shutter stock and istockphoto. How to use: you upload your images and get paid when a brand chooses your image. You could then use this money to fund your next trip, genius right?

Create a photo wall

Storing your images in your smart phone in curated albums will help with the organisation of them however to really enjoy the images and memories printing them ensures that you see them physical during your daily life and can add a personal touch to your home. Printed images can act as a focal point in your house.

Creating a photo wall lets you cherish memories of times you spent with family and loved ones. They are simple and cost effective and require no tools.

You can purchase some twine or ribbon and attach it to the wall then hang your chosen images with traditional pegs, this is a cost effective way to decorate a space and be sure to remind you of all the happy times you’ve experienced.

Whether you’re setting sail for new lands in 2019 or enjoying images from past dream vacations there are many ways for you to enjoy the memories and photos each day. BOSSU luxury phone cases are made from the finest of materials and are sure to be a show stopper no matter the occasion. You can view the full collection here.

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