Autumn Soon Natural Armour Phone Case

Autumn Soon Natural Armour Phone Case


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Your individual style is important.

Every individual conveys a unique style.

Compliment your style with a tailor-made personalised BOSSÜ phone case.





Leather phone Case

All our materials are real genuine materials, whether its our collection of leathers or our woods.

The edges of the case a slightly raised, to protect the phone screen, as well as avoid the bulkiness caused by edges raised too high.

Our red impact armour utilises military grade material, which is shock and impact absorbent, for optimal protection of your phone.

This provides more comfort, and protects against the phone slipping from your grasp

Wooden phone case joins the BOSSU luxury phone case range

BOSSU are constantly innovating to create the perfect luxury phone case for your modern smart phone requirements. The Leather and Natural Armour collections are created from the finest quality materials to ensure perfection every time.

Our Bamboo phone cases are flexible yet resilient to protect your smartphone throughout your daily adventures. The Natural Armour Phone case is designed by combining natural wood with Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Our selection of woods such Bamboo are flexible, environmentally friendly and scratch resistant while TPU is impact resistant, highly shock absorbent and waterproof. The mixture of both materials leads to an incredible durable and resilient yet lightweight phone case created to withstand prolonged daily usage. This stylish coat of armour will protect your precious smartphone while also displaying your own personal style. BOSSU luxury phone cases are available in Bamboo, Koto Grey, and American Walnut options.

Phone cases designed for your personalised photos

Your individual style is just as important to us as it is to you. We understand that every customer has a unique sense of style they wish to convey and the use of a personalised luxury phone case helps to portray your sense of style without saying a word.

The BOSSU exclusive online phone case creator uses the most advanced technologies to enable you to create the luxury phone case you have dreamt of. You can incorporate many personal aspects to the smartphone case including personalised photos, important dates, significant quotes along with a full array of customisable designs and prints. The options are endless with thousands of design possibilities and combinations to choose from.

Flexible customisation options available including Custom Name Initials

Having your name on a product creates a sense of individuality and uniqueness. The BOSSU exclusive online phone case maker aids you in the creation of your personalised phone case including custom name initials, full name, a quote or special date to add that special touch via our premium engraving service. You can choose from a pre-existing phone case style and add your initials or create a phone case design from scratch.

Phone cases for the latest models: Wood OnePlus 6, iPhone X, Samsung S10, Google Pixel 3, and Huawei P30

BOSSU luxury phone cases cater to all of the latest smart phone models from the top brands including Huawei, iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel. Our custom designed luxury phone cases are designed for the ultimate style and protection of your precious smart phone. Our eco-friendly Bamboo phone cases with TPU technology have been designed with the latest technology to ensure your smart phone is safe no matter where the journey takes you. Every BOSSU phone case ordered is presented in a luxury branded black pouch accompanied by a screen cloth and 2 BOSSU stickers.

For a heightened sense of luxury, we offer an option black BOSSU gift box to add the finishing touch to any purchase.

Package Contents

  • 1X BOSSU Personalised Phone case
  • 1X Luxury Phone Pouch
  • 1X Elegant Screen Cloth
  • 2X BOSSU Stickers

Optional Gift Box: