The benefits of Bamboo

We have become a culture that is very aware of our impact on the environment and our surrounding landscape. People have become far more conscious of what they are consuming as to ensure they have a smaller impact on the eco system.

Bamboo has widely become known as a product used across a multitude of sectors and product fields. We will discuss below why this wonderful eco-friendly product is something we choose to use for all of our BOSSU luxury phone cases.

Many of us will associate Bamboo wood with adorable pandas in Asia however this incredibly versatile woody grass has far more uses than just a snack food.  Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and has widely been stated as an eco-friendly material for manufacturers. Bamboo is now found in a wide variety of products for consumption including household furniture, flooring, houseware products, clothing items and even phone cases.

Origin of Bamboo

Bamboo is a non-timber product; this eco-friendly grass is often mistaken for wood due to its durability and versatility. Bamboo is said to have originated in China based upon its extensive use in historic Chinese tools and weapons. There are records of Bamboo being used more than seven thousand years ago within Chinese history.

Bamboo is a high diverse product that can be consumed by both humans and animals. It can also be used for many other items such as flooring, decorations and household goods. The possibilities are endless when bamboo is involved. People are realising the importance of reverting back to Mother Nature and using sustainable products such as bamboo.  

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo can be grown worldwide except in places with extreme cold climates due to the nature of the plant. It is a quickly renewable resource; with over 1,000 varieties of Bamboo available it is hard to say exactly how much it grows each day but on average Bamboo can grow up to 91cm per day.

Using a quickly renewable resource ensures we are causing as little damage as possible when curating a product. Using wood from trees that take hundreds of years to grow is costly and also damaging to the environment and local habitats. Bamboo has replaced many wooden counterparts and is ensuring a brighter future for all.

Bamboo is a vital component in removing toxics from our planet; bamboo captures high volumes of carbon dioxide in the surrounding air and in turn converts this into oxygen. Even after harvesting the CO2 is not released as it is captured deep within the bamboo. This eco-friendly plant is a renewable and sustainable resource as it continuously spreads vegetation which ensures the quick development of forests. While other tree type products such as wood are fully harvested, bamboo is only harvested from the more mature plants while the younger plants grow.

It is stated that bamboo will be a leading change to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions globally. This is a cost effective measure compared to other technologies which are highly calculated and incredibly costly for most countries to supply.  Bamboo is rather low in cost and also plentiful in availability across the world.


Why BOSSU choose bamboo

We at BOSSU believe that luxury should not impact the environment. With our customers in mind we have created high quality smart phone cases which are luxurious but also durable and sustainable. Our Bamboo phone cases come in a variety of different finishes and can be custom made to suit any design you may require. BOSSU luxury phone cases are compatible with many phone models such as the popular iPhone 8, HUAWEI P20 and Samsung S9.

BOSSU luxury phone cases are a mixture of flexible Bamboo and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a technologically advanced plastic that is highly shock absorbent and waterproof. This creates a long lasting and durable phone case ideal for everyday use. Our Natural collection phone cases can also be personalised to cater to your specific requirements. You can find all of our luxury wooden phone cases on our website.


BOSSU believe that bamboo is the way forward and we are sure you will fall in love with our luxurious phone cases.

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