The evolution of smart phone cases

Smart phones are stunningly beautiful and are most astatically pleasing than ever before. There is so much variety to choose from, rounded edges, different colours, sizes and sleek shapes. The classic iPhone 8, the advanced HUAWEI P20 and trail blazing Samsung S9 are just some hot on the market right now.

You may head to the store to purchase your beauty or shop online but once you receive your phone you will probably take it straight out of the box and place it into a phone case, this is no doubt where it will stay for the duration of its life.

Did you ever look down at your luxury BOSSU phone case and wonder how phone cases came about? Well, we have been thinking the exact same thing and we have looked deep into the evolution of smart phone cases and how they have become a necessity in all of our lives.

Over the years we have all heard about the humble beginnings of our smart phones, designed by people far beyond their years in knowledge and expertise but little is known about why we all have phone cases and how they became so popular.

Our smart phone cases are so much more than just another phone accessory; they are a fashion statement, a protector for our delicate phones and also a useful tool to aid our everyday life. For example some phone cases may include a stand or even our BOSSU natural phone case collection is an eco-friendly form of the more traditional phone case alternatives one would have used in previous years.

Mobile phones are a vital part of our day. Most of us would always have our smart phones within hands reach. When mobile phones were first in circulation they were bulky, large and protective cases didn’t exist. There was no requirement for cases as the phones themselves were in large plastic outer shells and were a size similar to a desktop pc today.

As the original mobile phones were so expensive and exclusive to some markets such as USA region there was neither real need nor market to sell phone accessories. Naturally as demand for mobile phones grew the evolution of slim lining the phones became more apparent and phone providers saw a need to produce more phones to meet demand. As phones became smaller there was a growing need for protective cases and covers to protect the delicate models underneath.

Phone cases today are so much more than just a protective case, they are a part of our identity and act as part of the message we wish to send others about ourselves. A case needs to be functional but also a thing of beauty.

The variety of cases available world-wide is incredible. Any vision you may have can be created. BOSSU focus on personalised luxury phone cases which are ideal for the modern smart phone users for phones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S9 and the Huawei P20. Our phone cases are expertly designed and can be fully customised to achieve your desired look….a different story from phone cases 20 years ago!

There are now more mobiles and smart phones in the world than there are people, mobile phones have taken over and are definitely here to stay. The impact the mobile phone has had on our lives is truly incredible, smart phones are a multi-functional tool that saves us all from carrying around dozens of tools and is also a computer right at our finger tips. If you want to make your smart phone look incredible then join the BOSSU community and purchase a BOSSU luxury phone case today.

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