Valentine’s Gifts For Yourself

Valentine’s day is coming up and whilst we know this really is the marmite of seasonal celebrations we think it’s a great opportunity to express some self-love and treat yourself (and your phone) to something new. Here are some of the best accessories you can pick up for your favourite piece of tech.


  1. Let’s face it, we spend more time with our phones than anyone else so it seems unfair that so many of us are rocking ugly, low-quality cases, or worse… no case at all! Our range of cases is sure to keep your phone looking classy and providing some extra protection. We stock styles for a massive variety of phones so whether you’re loving your One Plus or Huawei we’ve got you covered. We recommend our Wood Armour case in the tone American Walnut. This has a versatile cool undertone that will look great with a variety of outfits and in all seasons so your luxury case can stay with you for the whole year. Plus all our cases can be personalised and we offer free worldwide shipping! You can add your favourite photo, your initials or even a date that’s special for you – take a look today and get that luxury case you’ve always been wanting,
  2. No one wants to share chargers, especially not with someone who bends it, curls it or leaves it randomly around the house. With these adorable Cable Bites’ you can make your cable territory and make sure everyone knows not to touch yours. Plus they make a super cute accessory and they’ll fit a variety of different models including iPhones and Type C USB.
  3. We know Pop sockets are sooo 2017 but hear us out… they’re still just as practical as ever before and some really designs are now available on the Pop Socket website including a Disney collection. There is even the option to buy swappable caps so you can keep your style up to date with less plastic waste.
  4. Wireless earphones are quickly becoming the most popular way to listen to music whilst on the go, and it’s not hard to see why. They are small and easily transportable, convenient since there are no wires and often have great change meaning you can listen to your favourite podcast or binge watch Netflix’s without interruptions. But here’s a secret – you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to get a decent pair. There are plenty of affordable options available online including these which are currently Amazon’s choice for wireless earphones or if you want something that has two separate buds why not check these out!
  5. Finally, if there’s a photographer inside of you just screaming to come out or you’re looking for a new way to spice up your Instagram feed then you definitely need a camera lens kit for your smartphone. You can pick up a variety of kits from different retailers but we recommend checking out this 5 in 1 kit from Jessops currently on sale for £21.99. This is a universal kit so no matter what model you’re rocking you can up your photography game.

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