Custom Leather Phone cases – BOSSU Leather Armour Collection has landed

Summer is here and with it comes the latest innovation from BOSSU. The leather Armour collection has landed curated from the finest materials and techniques ready to order today.

Flexible customisation options available including Custom Name Initials

Leather Personalised Phone Cases

Ensuring that you receive the perfect product every time BOSSU constantly innovates to create modern luxurious phone cases, which are protective and stylish. Created from the finest leather this phone case is flexible and resilient which will protect your smartphone daily, so you can focus on enjoying life and we can focus on protecting your prized possession!

With textured grip for enhanced comfort protecting against any slips and raised edges to protect your smart phones screen our Leather Armour Collection is durable and sleek to withstand everyday experiences. Our red impact armour absorbs shock to protect your precious smart phone so you can live your life to the full. BOSSU has you covered.

Luxury phone cases for the latest models: Leather IPhone XR, Google Pixel 3, Huawei P30, iPhone X and Samsung S10

Displaying your own personal style is very important considering we are rarely without our mobile phones. Our BOSSU Leather Armour phone cases are ultra-stylish and come in a variety of colours: Natural Black, Poppy Red, Wave Blue, Lilac and Snowflake White. Each of these custom phone cases can be modified to include your own initials or the initials of a loved one – they make a great gift!

If you are looking for an optimal sense of luxury, you can purchase a black BOSSU gift box with your luxury phone case. This will add the final addition to your purchase or gift.

How to customise your Leather Armour phone case

Adding gold foil initials to your Leather Armour phone case adds the sophistication and style you require. The BOSSU exclusive online phone case creator is unique in its design, which enables you to create one of a kind luxury phone cases. The only limit is your own imagination as there are thousands of design combinations available, which can include important dates, significant quotes and intricate designs.

Personalised Phone Cases

You can start creating your dream luxury phone case today from prices as low as £26.99 here

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