Galaxy S10: The newest innovation from Samsung

The wait is finally over for Samsung super fans. The Galaxy S10 collection has been unveiled and a release date has been set for the S10, S10+ and S10e. There is also a Galaxy S10 5G which is due to be released in June 2019.

The new collection of smart phones offers substantial upgrades over their previous models including rear mounted triple camera set ups, in-display fingerprint sensors and reverse wireless charging systems. The Galaxy S10e is quite the innovation in itself being that this is the first ‘’affordable’’ option added to a premium release by Samsung. This creation follows in a similar fashion of one of Apples iPhone’s the iPhone XR released in 2018.

There is good news for customers dying to get their hands on this range; usually there is a substantial wait however the range is available for pre-order now. Shipping of phones is said to begin on March 7th 2019. If you are lucky enough to be purchasing the Galaxy S10+ ‘’ultimate power edition’’ you will be waiting until late March.


Prices will vary dependant on where you purchase your smart phone. You can purchase directly from the Samsung website with varying prices dependent on memory size. The Galaxy S10 prices start from £799, the S10+ prices start from £899. The more affordable option the S10e is available from £699.  All Galaxy S10 models will also be available from retailers such as Tesco, EE, Sky mobile and Vodafone in the coming weeks.


The Galaxy S10 line-up will feature a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets enable users to store Ethereum, Bitcoin and a beauty-related cryptocurrency titled ‘’Cosmo Coin’’.

All Galaxy S10 phones will feature block-chain powered technologies for a smoother in app experience.

There will be a variety of shades to choose from including carbon black, ceramic black, ceramic white and glass green. Of course with such a precious smart phone in your possession it would be wise to invest into a luxury BOSSU phone case which will protect your delicate phone and also showcase your own personal style. BOSSU has an extensive range of luxury phone cases for Samsung, iPhone and Huawei models.


The design of the phones remains within the same styling as the previous S9 model. Samsung has invested into their ‘’full-screen’’ design the Infinity-0 display which was first previewed via the Galaxy A8 device.

Samsung have designed the phones appearance to have no disruptions on the home screen for a more pleasurable experience all around. There is no home button, no notch which has been on previous models and the front camera has a tiny dot opening. Samsung state this is to ensure an ‘uninterrupted viewing experience’’.


Selfie culture is here to stay and alongside it we have many Instagram enthusiasts taking landscape shots or trying to capture that perfect moment with loved ones. The Galaxy S10 family offers users an advanced experience with a multi-camera which features five lenses.

Cameras include different features such as the Telephoto camera for zoomed images, a wide angle lens for group photos and also an ultra-wide camera lens for landscape shots. Two cameras will be on the front of the device and three including flash will be placed on the rear of the device. (Some features only available on the Galaxy S10+).

All devices will be able to capture 4K UHD videos on front and rear cameras; this is an innovation for Samsung which has never been done on previous devices. There are also enhanced slow-motion options along with a whole array of other innovative concepts for the smart phones.

It appears the Galaxy S10 range is far beyond its previous versions and will be a sure fan favourite when it reaches customers in the coming weeks. Will you be purchasing one of these Galaxy S10 smart phones? We would love to hear in the comments below.

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