iPhone 11 – The need for cases gets greater

As the greatly anticipated iPhone 11 range is released, and people rave about its camera, the pioneering iOS13 software and sleek design, social media is also lambasted with the same issue as every year when the new iPhone is released – the screen.


Every year, we get told that the iPhone screen is more durable than ever, and this year is no exception. If you go online and simply type “iPhone 11 screen durability” into your Google search bar, you are sure to find images and articles about smashed screens and comparisons to the rival Samsung models in a matter of seconds. I Google searched this myself and found articles related to early scratching and the glass “still breaks like glass” (https://www.techspot.com). Having upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro myself just over a week ago, I haven’t fallen foul to the curse of early scratching of my screen just yet. However, I have dropped my phone once, scuffing some of the somewhat aesthetically pleasing rose gold coloured stainless steel on the side. This is what I would call a narrow escape, seeing as I don’t have a cover.


I don’t think any of us have done a circuit around a shopping centre, been on holiday or even so much as a night out without seeing someone with at least a crack on their iPhone screen. However, with the cost of Apple’s newest unit skyrocketing above anything they have ever sold before, and becoming less technologically advanced than their Japanese counterparts (to be discussed another time) the need for extra protection is becoming more of a necessity than ever.


With the UK price for an iPhone 11 Pro screen repair being £326.44 (this is through Apple directly, and price sourced from their website https://www.support.apple.com ) it’s fair to say that a cover is a somewhat sound investment by comparison. Not only does it save the money on costly screen repairs, it maintains the aesthetic of the unit itself and keeps the condition like new, holding its value should you choose to part exchange it when your time comes to upgrade.


With the myriad of phone cases available on the market today, the market is most definitely saturated to a degree. However, what most people don’t realise is that the vast majority of phone cases don’t actually offer any real protection to the unit at all. That pretty cover with Minnie Mouse on the back? Think again. The chances are is is made of a soft rubber which won’t actually take any impact and your iPhone will end up smashing to pieces on impact anyway, rendering your oh so pretty iPhone redundant.


However, investing that little bit more in a quality phone case made with durable materials is becoming more and more of a necessity every time Apple release a new unit. This is both due to it’s cost and it’s fragility, no matter how well Apple try to mask it. It’s a slightly larger initial outlay, yes. Although the long term expenditure is far smaller. £20-£30 or a £325 screen repair? I know which I would rather choose.

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