Samsung S11/20 Specification Rumours

In just a couple of weeks the brand New Samsung S11 (or S20 as it may become known) will be launching and we can hardly wait to see what this innovative phone will look like. We do know that the new smartphone will be part of a new flagship range that has been referenced to online as the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra.

So what are the key features of the S20 that we should know about in preparation for the new phone(s) dropping on 11th February 2020?

Well one of the biggest changes is that Samsung is likely following in the footsteps of Apple and losing the headphone jack which means either investing in some wireless earphones or using an adaptor cable. This is not the first time Samsung has dropped the additional hole with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus both currently on the market without the headphone jack. To go along with the new Samsung phone, we may even see some new wireless earbuds from the company. Currently we have the Galaxy Buds that retail for over £100 but these were released back in 2019 it would not be surprising if Samsung released a new pair of wireless buds to fit in with the 2020 range.

The screen size could see an upgrade as well with the original S20 rumoured to be 6.7”, this is the same size as the current S10 5G and is larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Pixel 4 XL and the OnePlus 7T. We could be dealing with some of the biggest smartphones to be released so far, but don’t worry we’re already working on a new range of cases especially for the new model so you won’t have to go unprotected if you do decide to make the jump to a new phone. Why not take a look at our current range of phone cases to see what you’d most like to accessorise with! Concept pictures from LetsGoDigital show the model to have a curved screen and touch icons replacing the physical on/off switches and volume controls. Could this potentially mean a buttonless phone is about to hit the market?


We have already seen OnePlus change the way front cameras work with its pop-up camera leaving the entire front of the phone free for screen space. Since we already know that Samsung is thinking about a phone with a sliding screen that reveals the front camera it isn’t unrealistic to think the February 2020 launch is following the same path as OnePlus. Meaning that big screen could feel even bigger!

Rumours about the back camera vary a lot between sources but two key themes seem to prevail. Firstly, Samsung are already producing 64MP sensors which could be included in the S11 – this feature could be crucial in closing the gap between camera abilities between Samsung and the likes of Huawei and Google. Secondly, we could see a setup like the iPhone 11 Pro which includes five cameras on the back, some sources even suggest we could see a domino style camera emerging.

Before the launch is scheduled, we are expecting to see Samsung processor chips move to 5-nanometre technology this new processor focuses more on a faster speed and less on battery life in comparison to the 7- nanometre technology that is currently in place. But this does not mean battery life is in any way lacking, with an expected 5,000mAh battery we could see two-day battery life from the Samsung’s newcomer.

Whilst we are still not entirely sure what the new model will definitely include the rumours are bubbling away keeping our excitement at a constant level in preparation for what could be a game changer for the current smart phone market.

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